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Nanoscale paper: to show you a world of future paper traffic

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A special kind of carbon nanotube thin layer is very likely to become the future manufacturing material widely used, although it looks like a thin layer of carbon fiber paper and ordinary people, also called "buck paper", but don't be too literally, so that this is a kind of ordinary paper, because it is a revolutionary new material only 1/10000 of the diameter of a human hair 5 by the thickness of the tubular carbon molecule.

Characteristic: 500 times the hardness of steel

Talking about the special properties of Barker paper, the light weight and ultra - high hardness are the highlights. Compared with the same volume of steel, it weighs only 1/10 of the former, but its hardness is 500 times that of steel. At the same time, unlike traditional composites, it can also conduct electricity like silicon or copper, as well as the heat dissipation of steel and brass. "For people in the nanotechnology industry, Barker paper is as important as the Holy Grail for Christians," said Adams, a scientist at the Rice University. Because of its unique characteristics, Buck paper is also regarded as an ideal material for making lightweight energy-saving products, such as aircraft, cars, faster computers, better screen TV screens and other products.

Difficulties: low production and expensive

The idea that human beings want to make use of Barker paper and other derivatives to make all kinds of equipment has been a long time ago. Nevertheless, the buck paper produced nowadays can only achieve part of its theoretical hardness, and its small production also determines that its price is not cheap, which set many obstacles to its wide application. The Florida State University researchers said that they are developing the production technology, and has made important progress in this area, so they can quickly put the idea into reality, so that the paper can buck in the price and availability with the best available material comparable. Lockheed Company is currently funded by the Florida State University Research Institute to carry out research work, the company's missiles and fire control department chief technologist Kamel said; "if this material can be put into production, it is definitely a revolutionary change, the pattern of the industry technology for aviation industry." Levocarnitine useful which product freckle effect good BB cream which is good

Prospect: it can be used in automobile manufacturing

Scientists are now very eager to apply Barker paper to people's daily life. Wang Ben, the inventor of Barker paper, says, in the near future, the Barker paper may also be used to make electrodes, supercapacitors and batteries for fuel cells. In the medium term, Buck paper can replace the heat dissipating graphite paper in the laptop. In the long run, Buck paper can be used for aircraft manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and other kinds of products manufacturing, and even it can also be used to produce armored materials and stealth technology products. Wang Ben said: "we plan to start production of relevant goods in the next 12 months. Carbon nanotubes are no longer just a miracle in the laboratory. They have gone into society, and their potential is immeasurable. "


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